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Pokemon bellybuttons!
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Creator of Leona Belmont the Snivy, and Crash Valentine the Typhlosion
Enjoy my gallery.

Also contains vore. If you watched me that means you are okay with my content and please don't be a dick, to me, and each others.
Thank you for taking your time reading this, and i really appreciate if you be respectful to what i draw.

Fav without a comment? by rJoyceyy



STAMP: Collect without Comment by Emotikonz.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-KotFave Without Comment Stamp by Hunter-ArkamanFake Favorites Stamp by Two-By-Six

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One character
Seaslug Mizuko by CrashValentine
Aratani (Unmasked) by CrashValentine
Send me a ref of your character and i will try to draw it.
Also you can tell me what do you want from the art, like pose or expression.
and this will not one day done. may take one week, or two. i hope so if i'm not busy with something.

Ask me for more info.

Will do :
Pokemon Anthro

Not Doing :
Anything that's complex.
Scat (Never)
Gore (Ever)

Note: Pay in Donation, this widget just price preview.

Note: For Vore type of commissions, you can add one more character for free.


CrashValentine has started a donation pool!
19,862 / 69,696
Can i have your points? :3

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Currently on Pokemon Go

Everyone using dick jokes.
Original jokes.
>Plays Airforce Delta Strike
>Almost completed a mission.
>low health
>Defeated ace pilots
>get shot down by a normal enemy pilot
>Quits game.
Casual Leona outfit by CrashValentine
Casual Leona outfit
So yeah, finally i made a casual outfit for Leona.
A small tank top Simliar to Rikiya with text "Property of Crash", and shorts. again.
While the rest is pretty basic from her previous outfit, except her headphones, which she put it somewhere.

And i think we know who designed the shirt text.
She isn't embarrassed tho.

Leona belongs to me
Snivy from Pokemon belongs to Nintendo Gamefreak
Art by me.
For the love of god, please let Tracer Win the DB against scout.

I got nothing on him but i really hate to see Tracer lose.
Much same as Bayo lose to Dante because how unaccurate the DB.

If Tracer wins this Death Battle i will stop shit talking about Undertale.
KOF XIV have the best and most hype fighting game intro ever.

KOFXIV>KOF98UM>Blazblue Chrono Phantasma> Persona 4 Ultimax > Marvel Vs Capcom 2 > Any other fighting games > Super Smash Bros Brawl.
What a way to start a day...

This morning, i woke up with really painful feeling around my chest and vomited.
Then i gone to the hospital and get treated there.
Thankfully the doctor said that my illness isn't serious at all.
And now, i am recovering from it and taking pills, pretty much it was caused by my unhealthy eating pattern and didn't sleep enough.

So here's a lesson, sleep on a right time. And eat healthy foods.
I hope it doesn't happen to you guys.



Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Just a Guy who Love Videogames stuff

a guy with no sense of humor,

also loves crossovers.

3DS FC : 1392-4474-4735
Steam : Typhlosionvalentine…
PSN: CrashValentine
Likes : Video games, cartoons.
Dislikes : Ignorant peoples, Undertale

RULES being here

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Resident evil 6: Stamp by Soraya-MendezResident Evil Stamp by doublehelix1033Jill Valentine RE5 Stamp by angelbebop8Mercenaries 3D: Jill by Miss--ValentineJill Valentine Lover - stamp by Claire-Wesker1Jill Valentine - Stamp by ES-DinahJill Valentine Stamp by ginacartoonClaire Redfield RE M 3D stamp by VickyxRedfieldDeal With It Stamp by Captain-AlbertWeskerPiers and Chris stamp by Captain-AlbertWeskerClaire and the Umbrella Stamp by angelbebop8Chris vs Leon stamp by Captain-AlbertWeskerStamp RE Jill by theEyZmasterI love Leon stamp by Claire-Wesker1RE: O.R.C. Stamp by Aletheiia90RE6 Mercs Costume Stamp Helena by mizukimarieClaire Redfield RE ORC stamp by VickyxRedfieldstamp RE: ORC Heroes Mode by AdaAlberto
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Vore is gross but swallowing semen is ok? WTF? by Little-rolling-beanStamp- Vore Lovers by Fyuvixon vore by HowTheHellDidYouSay Yes to Vore! by Yoshi1337

Stamp_MK_Death if I win, death if I lose by Chivi-chivikIf you don't like new Crash, get out. Don't like Vore, GET OUT. Don't like Pewds, GTFO. thank you~


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